10 Ways to Share the Joy During the Holiday Season



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1. Mend a broken relationship with a friend
or relative during the holidays.

2. Every night of the holiday season, before going to bed, ask yourself,
"Whose life did I make brighter today?"

3. Offer to run holiday errands for an elderly friend or relative.

4. Tip someone who doesn't expect it.

5. Set aside time at the beginning of the holiday season to help
your children plan their gift-giving lists.

6. Open holiday cards as a family activity each night at the
dinner table and read the messages aloud.

7. This year, write letters to several people who have had a positive
influence on your life and thank them for the gift they have given you.

8. Take decorated wreaths, dreidels or other festive symbols to someone in a hospital or nursing home.

9. Secretly shovel the snow off of your neighbor's front walk.

10. If you have friends who have lost family members since last year, make a special effort to call and
cheer them during the holidays.

And remember ...
don't try to do everything yourself
...even Santa needs helpers.

~Author Unknown

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