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Do-It-Yourself Home Security Check: 5 Essential Steps

January 24, 2014

Conduct a do-it-yourself home security check by walking around your house to assess what needs to be done to reduce the risk of a break-in. 1. Keep your home well-maintained on the outside. Burglars want an easy target. Stand on… Read More »

21 Questions to Ask the Homeowner’s Association Before your Buy

July 24, 2013

21 Questions to Ask the Homeowner’s Association Homeowner’s Associations. Love ’em or hate ’em. There is a stigma with them. My HOA where I live is cooperative and fair. No one on my HOA board have “power” issues. I have… Read More »

CAR reports 17% statewide home sales jump

July 23, 2013

All corners of Colorado’s housing market enjoyed a robust second quarter, from the Denver area to the mountains, to agricultural rural pockets, according to a report released today by the Colorado Association of Realtors. “Overall the picture for housing in… Read More »