Copy of your Deed???

Homeowners are once again receiving solicitations from scam artists offering to sell them a copy of their deed. Hopefully, homeowners will ignore these sales letters and not provide any information to these scammers.

For one, do you really need a copy of your deed?
 Probably not.
But if do want one, you can check with your local clerk of court, or contact the title company that handled your settlement, contact an attorney, or contact any local title company and ask for assistance.
If you are a property owner that receives one of these letters, you can ignore it, shred it, or report it to proper agency by phone or online.  But you should be the one who initiates the process of obtaining a copy of your deed.
Avoid sending money, credit card numbers, or your personal information that could be used to steal your identity to any person or company that is unknown to you.

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